4 Tips For Stocking Your Vintage Shop

The demand for vintage has virtually exploded over the last ten years, so if you’ve always wanted to own your own business and have a passion for vintage, now is the time to start an online store or boutique shop. But, running a successful store is easier said than done. One of the most critical tasks will be to stock your store with the items your customers want. So, how do you do that? In today’s blog from American Recycled Clothing, we’re going to review some important things to consider when stocking your vintage shop. Read through them, and when you’re ready to find a vintage wholesale supplier, contact American Recycled Clothing.

Keep Up With Trends

Just as there are current fashion trends, so too are there vintage fashion trends. While some vintage items always seem to be in demand (denim jeans!), there are some items that rise in popularity for a while and then seem to fade away. It would be nice to have a crystal ball so you knew exactly what to buy and when you should buy it. At American Recycled Clothing, we can’t claim to be clairvoyant, but we can say that we have almost three decades of experience in the industry. That’s long enough to have built a solid network of partners which helps us stay abreast of what’s popular and what's not. We sell to retailers and designers all over the world and we can use our knowledge of what’s going on in the industry to help you.

Focus On the Top Categories

People love to seek out hard-to-find, hidden gems — the ones that get tucked away on a rack in the back of the store. But the fact is, stocking your store with really unique pieces probably won’t pay the bills. That’s because those interesting items only appeal to a select few. The success of your business relies on sales, and that means you have to stock up on the items the majority of people will buy. Those items fall into a few distinct categories — T-shirts, denim, jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Put most of your efforts into these categories and you’ll be setting yourself up for success. 

There’s a Difference Between Thrift and Vintage

Some people seem to think that vintage and thrift are just two different names for the same thing — used clothes. Although some people stock their shops by going to flea markets and thrift stores, this approach isn’t a good idea for you or your customers. Here’s why.

Thrift stores collect all sorts of clothes in any kind of condition. Much of what can be found at thrift stores may look old, but the majority of it is just modern clothing made to look vintage. The true vintage shopper isn’t looking for a cheap knockoff, they are looking for the real thing — a unique, quality piece of clothing with history. Some people might be able to get away with selling modern clothing as vintage, but most consumers will know the difference and steer clear.

Find a Supplier Who Can Grow With You 

There are hundreds of vintage wholesale suppliers out there, but choosing the right one to partner with can make all the difference for your business. The best suppliers will have a large enough inventory to be able to supply your store with a large variety of goods both now, and in the future. Vintage clothing is expected to continue to rise in popularity, and as your business grows from one store to 100, you need to plan for how you will stock it.

At American Recycled Clothing, we have what it takes to stock stores big and small. Whether you need one bundle of 10 T-shirts or you’re buying 10,000 pounds in bulk, we can handle it all. We have over 7 million pounds of inventory spanning three different warehouses. Partner with us, and we’ll be with you for the long haul!

Choose American Recycled Clothing

The easiest way to ensure that your store is properly stocked with the items your customers want to buy is to first partner with the right supplier. American Vintage Clothing is the premier supplier of vintage wholesale apparel in the U.S. Whether you want to stop by one of our warehouses to handpick your order, work with one of our staff for a curated "no-pick" order, or you wish to enjoy the convenience of placing an order online, at American Recycled Clothing, we’re here to help you.

Visit our website to start shopping online or contact us to place an order. You can also check out our page with frequently asked questions for more information on anything from the type of clothing we source and minimum order quantities to our shipping policies. We hope you’ll let us be your trusted supplier of vintage wholesale clothing. We look forward to working with you!

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