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Uncomplicated Style With a Story

If you could sum up one of today’s most popular fashion trends in one word, that word would be “vintage.” And, when it comes to buying vintage clothing, nothing is more sought out than vintage denim. That’s because each piece has its own character and timeless identity. The look, the feel, and even the tears or blemishes on a piece of vintage denim are a reflection of a garment with history — and that’s something you don’t get from buying a brand new pair of jeans at your local department store.

Vintage Denim Is Simple and Sustainable

Besides the nostalgic connection, shoppers of vintage denim appreciate it for its comfort and simplicity. There are an unlimited number of ways to wear it, it’s always in style, and it holds a special appeal that only improves with age. In addition to its ease of wear, more shoppers are turning to vintage denim as a smart, sustainable clothing option over cheap, fast fashion. No other type of clothing has proven to be more durable, and more desirable, throughout decades of wear.

Choose American Recycled Clothing for Wholesale Vintage Denim

Whether you own a small vintage boutique, a large retail store, or you’re selling your wares through an online store, American Recycled Clothing can provide you with a large selection of unique pieces at affordable prices. We have been in business for almost 30 years and we operate out of three large warehouses. Over the years we’ve perfected our methods of sourcing, curating, and categorizing so you can trust that you’ll find the largest selection of high-quality pieces when you partner with us. To make the wholesale buying process as easy as possible, we offer bundles that can be ordered directly from our website. It’s a fast and low-risk option that can help you get a feel for what we can offer as a supplier. Looking for larger quantities or want to handpick certain items? Contact a member of our team to make an appointment to visit our warehouse or let us know how we can better meet your needs.

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